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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

About My Blog

Welcome to “The Garden of My Heart,” a weekly blog that will be posted on Sunday evening and remain available for the following week for you to read, study and enjoy.

My themed entries will have a garden analogy. The word “garden” as used here, symbolizes the special place in your mind and heart where you may go as you seek to know God personally. It also symbolizes that place where you must go to develop a relationship with your creator. The “Master Gardner,” is none other than Jesus Christ.

My garden messages will be about “Joyful Times in the Garden,” “Praying in the Garden,” “Lessons Learned in the Garden,” and “Thoughts to Ponder in the Garden.” “Life Outside of the Garden,” will be written about other places outside of the garden setting where God has shared with me his love through nature. During holidays, look for special posts that will bring spiritual focus to your holiday celebrations.

If you are investigating Christianity and who Jesus Christ is, I pray that as you read “The Garden of My Heart” it will become a part of your search. Even if you do not understand everything that is written, please hang in there because the next post may have the very words that will bring the understanding that you are searching for.

Some of you will enjoy reading this blog and use it as a tool to grow in your faith. I hope that you will use the questions and prayer at the end of each post for this purpose.

Many of you will read my words and realize that God has already revealed that same truth to you. I hope that as you read you will be refreshed and the truth that you already know will be reinforced. I pray you will also be thankful for that message and that it will once again bless your heart.

I honestly don’t think that I have much to say, but I do know that God has been extremely faithful to me by putting numerous people in my life to teach me about him and his ways. They have passed on their faith to me and now God is asking me to pass my faith to you. Through my writings I simply want to tell my story of faith and how Jesus has always been there for me in every area of my life. I pray that God will prepare your heart and mind to receive His Words through mine.

If you enjoy this blog please share it with your friends and family.