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Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the Way to the Coffee Pot

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith,” I Peter 5: 8-9a NIV

As was my habit, I had gotten up early. The birds were just waking up and singing their song. I knew if I could just get my first cup of coffee then maybe I would also have a song to sing.

It was a short walk from my first floor bedroom, across our great room and into the kitchen. When I was half way to the coffee pot I burst into tears for no reason at all. I felt a huge sadness come over me. By the time I reached the coffee pot I was sobbing. I did not know why.

Another part of my early morning routine is to get my coffee and go onto the porch or into the great room and sit in my chair and have my “Quiet Time.” It is here in my chair that I can get lost in reading the Bible, journaling, praying, or working on a Bible study. It is always a very special time for me as I spend time with Jesus. When I do this it sets the tone for my day! Everything seems to run smoother and be less irritating. Missing my “Quiet Time” is a problem because when I do, before I know it, I’m totally stressed out or upset about something!

I do believe that on this particular morning I was attacked by Satan on my way to the coffee pot. The method to his madness was to get to my spirit before I could get to my chair. Satan knew that if I made it to the chair his chances for discouraging me were less. He wanted me to become so depressed and upset that I would never make it to my chair. He wanted me to totally miss my appointment with Jesus.

I believe that through the protection of the Holy Spirit I was able to quickly recognize exactly what was going down! I immediately said in a loud and clear voice, “Satan, get out of my way, I am on my way to my chair whether you like it or not. In the name of Jesus Christ be gone. Satan, you may not go with me to my chair. I have an appointment to meet Jesus and you are not going to stop me!” Satan left. I poured my coffee. I went to my chair. My time with Jesus was sweet.

I will admit to you that some days I do not make it to my “Quiet Time”. It is difficult to have private time when I am visiting away from home or when I have house guests. When I miss this time alone with God there is always a price to be paid. I have come to realize that if I miss a day or two – I know it. If I miss three or four days – my husband knows it. If I miss several days – the whole world knows it!

My “Quiet Time” is how I keep my focus on Jesus instead of my circumstances. It is where I can praise God and offer adoration and worship to the all knowing, all present, all powerful God. It is where I can enter into a personal relationship with the God of the universe. It is the place that I can express my gratitude for all my blessings. It is where I can ask for wisdom and guidance for my day. It is where I can surrender personal hurts and painful situations. It is where I can choose to set aside my negative attitudes and give God my raw emotions. It is the place where I can leave those I love in God’s care. It is where I can grasp onto trust and release my fear. It is where I can be honest. It is the place where I can sit at the feet of Jesus and receive spiritual insight. It is where I can seek forgiveness and healing for the sin in my life. It is where I can pray for others. It is where I can silently be still and wait for God to speak to me in his still small voice. It is where God restores my soul. It is the place I can receive comfort, peace and power from the Holy Spirit. It is indeed, the garden of my heart!


Do you have a “Quiet Time?”

Does spending time alone with God make a difference in your day?

Do you struggle to make this happen?

Have you considered the possibility that maybe Satan is creating distractions to keep you from spending time alone with God each day?

What can you do about that?


Dear Lord,

I pray that I will never stop trying to make time for you. Lord, I know that you understand the times when I cannot be with you. I know that you will still go with me throughout that day but that I may become weak and easily distracted. My time with you that day will come from quick prayers and short worship. I thank you that when I do spend time with you I am never disappointed but instead I am strengthened and refreshed. Help me Lord to make time for you daily. When I do miss my time alone with you, please protect me from Satan’s lie that tells me that I blew it as usual! Help me to fight that lie by getting back on track sooner opposed to later. God, Help me to be alert and recognize the sly tactics that Satan uses to distract me and keep me from spending quiet time alone with you.

In Your Name I pray. Amen.