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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Ocean is God's Pulpit

“The men were amazed and asked,
“What kind of man is this
even the winds and the waves obey him!”
Matthew 8:27 NIV

Every so often God blesses me by allowing me to take a trip to the ocean. Outside of my garden there is no other setting that I would rather be near. I find the ocean extremely relaxing and there are always so many lessons I can learn as I tune into this marvelous piece of God’s creation.

When I am at the beach, alone with my thoughts, God teaches me from this massive body of water and all of the other complimenting works of nature that make this place so beautiful. The ocean has so much to say, it is indeed one of God’s holy pulpits. The sky, the water, the sand, the sun, the breeze and the birds all become messengers of God’s incredible love for me. Every day the ocean looks different and there are always new lessons to learn. It is true, even the wind and the waves obey him!

If I am not too lazy I can get up and see the sunrise. What a message of bright hope for today and tomorrow. The exquisite colors can be anything from pinks and blues to the brightest oranges and yellows. Each day has a unique surprise of its own. The early morning sunlight glistens on the water like a sea of glass. The sparking waters remind me that heaven also holds the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God. Revelation 21:1

As the tide comes in and the waves rush upon the sand, it seems that God is calling “follow me” as the waves wash back into the ocean. My heart pounds and I whisper, “Yes Lord, I will follow you all the days of my life.”

I am mesmerized on the days when the canopy over the beach is a cloudless sky. As I look to the heavens I see a million shades of blue stretching as far as my eyes can see. The Old World Master begins his masterpiece with the lightest hint of baby blue paint ending his final brush strokes in deep hues of cobalt. When my eyes feast on this miracle of color my soul always bubbles up with pleasure knowing that this gift of color is from the palette of the God of the universe.

The sandy beach with uncountable grains of sand strikes a chord of love within me. I remember that God’s Word tells me he thinks precious thoughts of me that outnumber the grains of sand and I feel lavishly loved. Sea Gulls soar peacefully and effortlessly in the sky reminding me that God’s peace is available to me in a heartbeat, if only I will trust him.

Just breathing in the salty air is a reminder that believers are “the salt of the earth”. I think about this and repurpose in my heart to try to be a better  witness for Jesus Christ. I also think of the many friendships that I enjoy with fellow believers. Yes, these salty people are the people who bring savor to my life. I thank you Lord for all of my many Christian friends.

The sandpipers run frantically on the beach always living close to the edge as they barely escape the waves of foam that tries to wash over them. These fast moving birds are looking for food to wash ashore. I smile when I realize that God does provide all that they need. I focus on the knowledge that if God cares for the birds of the air he will also take care of me.

Gentle warm breezes kiss my cheeks and I feel God’s hand as it brushes over my face. I search the horizon in hopes of finding its end but that endeavor proves to be impossible. So my eyes move closer to shore and God blesses me as I spot dolphins traveling in pairs. They shamelessly jump in joyful praise to their creator. Pelicans fly in perfect formation and I know that my God is a God of order and purpose.

Walking on the beach into the sunset is beautiful. The sunset is a perfect reminder of God’s faithfulness to me as I approach the end of my day. I enjoy walking on the beach at this time of day. I love sinking my feet into the cool sand and then letting the waves wash over them. The waves washing over my feet remind me that often in life the waves of adversity come but then Jesus shows up with his waves of sustaining grace washing over me. It is a precious thought when I realize that Jesus is still in the foot washing business as I enjoy His cool waves spilling over my tired sandy feet. As I end a day at the beach I am full of joy as I reflect on all of the simple messages my Savior has sent to me this day. I am at peace because of the order that God has established not only in the universe but in my life as well. Before I leave the beach I allow Him to wash my feet one more time. What a joy to know that Jesus carries me from day to day, step by step as I journey toward my heavenly home. Oh how I love the beach! What’s not to love? You see, the same God, who calmed the wind and the waves so many years ago is also here with me this day teaching me his life lessons from the pulpit of the ocean’s waves and all that surrounds this place of praise!


1. Do you have a favorite place where God seems to speak volumes to you?

2. What have you experienced in that place?

3. Have you ever used nature to tell others about God?


Dear God,

How awesome are your marvelous works! Thank you that even though mankind was forced to leave your perfect garden, you still have been loving and merciful in providing the beautiful works of your hand for our daily enjoyment. God your creation amazes me! I confess that sometimes I wonder how heaven could be more beautiful. It must be that the gorgeous displays of creation on this earth have been designed to give us, your children, a tiny taste of what you have prepared in heaven for those who love you. It is clear that the ocean, the mountains, the woodlands, the desert, the rainforest, and your waterfalls are just a few of your many pulpits. God open my eyes to see and my ears to hear as you speak your message of love to mankind. Since the creation of the world, God your invisible qualities and your eternal power and divine nature have clearly been seen and understood from what you have made, leaving men and women without excuse. I thank you God for blessing mankind with your marvelous creation.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.