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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Graying With Grace

"…in quietness and trust is your strength.”
Isaiah 30:15b NIV

I have had sixty plus years to practice drawing near to God and trusting him with my life. This is a spiritual exercise that I will continue to practice every day as long as I live. It seems to me that I have also spent a good bit of time trying to have every area of my life perfect. I have come to understand that this deep longing within me is my heart’s effort to get back to the perfection of Eden. Back to the perfect state that God originally purposed for my life.

When the weather is nice, one of my favorite times of the day is the very early morning. I love to go out on my back porch with its peaceful view of our wooded back yard. For me this is a place of serenity and solitude. I love hearing the birds wake up and sing praises to their creator. During this time it is just Jesus and me as the light of day dawns and the day begins. It is in moments like this that God has taught me about “graying with grace” and what is necessary for getting back to the perfection of Eden. It is in this place that I meet with Jesus in the garden of my heart.

When do you feel close to God? Is it at church? Is it only in your times of need? Is it on a morning walk or run? Do you feel close to God as you marvel at his creation? Is it in the glory of the sunrise or the splendor of a magnificent sunset? Is it at the beach or under a star studded sky that boasts the breathtaking full moon? Is it through music? Do you feel close to God in simple prayer and in reading his Word? Or do you receive your strength in quietness and trust?

Oh how God loves you and me! He tenderly calls each of us to draw near to him so that he can draw near to us.

I do not mourn the days of my youth, but rather I embrace graying with God’s grace in my life. I have experienced so many more blessings than a person in their twenties because I have had a lifetime to collect them. My “senior moments” are those moments when I have the awesome privilege of sharing my faith with my grandchildren. I now have more opportunities to choose simplicity. I have the peace of knowing that the best for my life is yet to come. I have more time to share my gifts, talents, and resources with others. I have had the good fortune to experience hard times and because of those experiences I have seen first hand the faithfulness of God. I have had many years to reflect on God’s faithfulness to me and all those I love. I now take comfort when I remember that God loves those I love more than I do.

I still have dreams for a perfect life, a perfect body, perfect children, a perfect marriage, a house that never gets dirty, clothes that stay forever clean, a pantry that is never empty, having a personal chef that prepares perfect meals! Yes indeed, I am longing for the perfection that was lost in the garden! It was a perfect life, a perfect body, a perfect marriage, no house to clean, no clothes to wash, and plenty of prepared food in the pantry. Relationships were perfect and there was wonderful fellowship with the Creator. For now, that life is gone, but heaven awaits those of us who long for his appearing. So as we wait we feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit calling us to come higher in our spirit and to remain faithful in our walk.

Although I love this life and my family, I do know that with each day that goes by God brings me one day closer to my eternal home in heaven. Aging to me is not painful; it is graying with his grace. It is embracing God’s promise, “…in quietness and trust is your strength.” Isaiah 30:15b NIV As long as God gives me breath I will continue to trust him as I endeavor to quietly walk toward him amazed by his love for you and me.


Do you fear aging?

What about aging bothers you the most?

Do you know that real beauty and strength is found within you?

Are you spending time with God now in your youth so that the older you get the more others will be able to see godly wisdom, spiritual strength and inner beauty?

If you are a senior, which of God’s benefits are you most enjoying during this season of your life?


Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that as your child, I will choose every day to gray with grace. Continue to teach me your ways. Show me the characteristics that will bring real beauty to my life? Help me not to see aging as something to dread or despise, but rather a gift to be embraced. Forgive me when I get caught up in the world’s opinion that projects only youthfulness as beautiful and only strength and edurance to be of value. I know the aging process began in my life the day I was born. Thank you Father for the privilege of living and help me to never take a single day for granted. I pray I will live every day of my life in gratitude. Yes Lord, my desire is to gray with your grace. Help me to embrace all that is good that surrounds my life, and to give that which is not so good into your capable, loving, and sovereign hands.

In Your name I pray. Amen