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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Asking God For The Insignificant and The Impossible

“Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”
Jeremiah 33:3 AKJV

This morning I have already spent a good bit of time in the garden. The air is fresh and clean, the flowers are bright and beautiful, and the quietness is serene. As usual, the Master Gardener has been sitting beside me quietly listening to all my requests. I have my usual requests that are on what I call the “BIG LIST”. These are the things in life that I believe are worthy of God’s time and attention. These are the things that I believe God would think to be important. Most of the time, these requests involve my personal “spiritual” growth. I also give God a shot at all the major disasters in the world, the wars, the government, and the missionaries around the world. Often these prayers are pretty generic and all inclusive.

Another list is the list that contains the requests for the things I have managed to relinquish the results to God. I call this the “STILL TRUSTING GOD FOR THIS” list. These are the prayers that I am certain God has heard and when all things are ready he will send the answer. I know full well his answer will always be according to his will not mine and that when the answer arrives he will be glorified! So as I wait I remind God that I trust him as I wait for his perfect timing, and I will continue to thank him everyday for his answer that I am confident is on the way.

Then I reluctantly bring out the next list. This list is the “IMPOSSIBLE” list. On this list are things I have prayed for years with seemingly no answers from God. These are things that I hope will happen but I’m pretty sure won’t! These are the prayers that are shrouded in doubt. Many of these prayers are for the salvation of people that I don’t believe will ever change because they don’t want anything to do with God.  There are prayers for healing of those who are terminally ill. I also pray that God will change the hearts of people who make decisions for our country. My doubt is not in God's ability to answer. Without a doubt I know he is able. Although God is able it may not be his perfect will to answer according to my will. In the prayer for another's salvation I must continue to pray that God will stir their heart and plant a desire in their heart to know him. I must continue to pray and trust God for what I believe to be impossible.

I excuse myself from the Master and begin wandering around the garden looking at his magnificent handiwork that is found in the details of each flower and leaf. I gradually start to realize that God does care about the smallest of details in nature and in my life. Suddenly, I have the courage to go back and pull out the fourth list that I have shoved deep down in my pocket. This list is the “DON’T BOTHER GOD WITH THIS” list. Most of the time I feel God is so busy with the “BIG” list that he would never want me to bother him with the insignificant things in my life. On this list there are things like praying to find something that has been lost, or getting something I really want but can clearly get along without having. Often I am afraid to ask God for his help in planning a vacation or a major family event. Sometimes I neglect to ask God to help me free up my schedule, or neglect asking him to help me let go of stress. What about my attitude regarding a project that needs to be started? Is it possible that I could dare to ask God for motivation to get off the couch and do the project that I have absolutely no interest in doing? How could I ever be so bold to ask God for good weather, a parking place, or extra money for a home improvement? Can I really go before God and confess my frustration in not being able to find time to do something I enjoy? Can I really ask God to take away my headache? Shouldn’t I just endure it because I know tomorrow it will most likely be gone? Can I ask God to protect my grandson from a bully, or to give my granddaughter a special new friend? Do I dare to ask God to help me eat healthy and exercise?

At this point I find myself running back to the Master Gardener. I now begin a new line of questioning. “Jesus, isn’t it the insignificant stuff in life that gets my underwear in a knot and my mouth blurting out things I later regret. Jesus, I confess that the stuff in life that I consider to be insignificant and seemingly impossible is the very stuff that takes my attitude down the tubes and leads my mind to discontentment and depression. It is this stuff that sets my pity-party in motion. Lord, are these daily insignificant happenings in my life the very things that I can bring to you in prayer? Jesus replies. “You bet! That’s the stuff! Truth be told, you especially need to bring those things to me in prayer because it is those things which affect your emotions and crush your spirit.” I now remember that God’s Word tells me to bring all my frustrations, needs, concerns, desires, and hope directly to his throne so that I may find mercy and grace in my time of need. I know it is true, If I really trust God I will handover to him all of my lists.

The Master Gardner similes and reaches out to take all four of my lists. I am able to surrender two of the lists to his capable hands. He then said, “Paula, I think that one indication of how much you trust me is when you are able to get to the point that you can hand me the most insignificant things in your life and trust me for what you consider to be impossible.

I listen but tears of doubt stream down my cheeks as I reluctantly shove the lists of “the insignificant” and “the impossible” back into my pocket. I tell Jesus that I know he is right but that I just want to go home and rewrite my list and see if I have the courage to release anything on the remaining two lists into his care. I tell him I wish I could give him the entire list but that it is going to take me a little more time. He assures me that he will be here waiting to care for all that I will willingly trust him with. He whispers one last thought of love, “Paula, remember, I am not the enemy. I love you! My child, you have not because you ask not.”

As I walk away I find my self drawn to a bench. I sit and I weep because I am unable to trust. Satan grabs this opportunity to torture my mind with the “what ifs”. What if God chooses something or someone for me that I don’t want? What if God asks me to do something I don’t want to do? What if God chooses not to heal the one I love? What if God allows us to lose our home? What if I am not vindicated? What if something bad happens to the person I am praying for because I am praying for God to do whatever is necessary in their life to bring them to salvation? What if they die? The Holy Spirit reminds me of the truth. I become conscious that my previous thoughts are an attack from Satan, so in the name of Jesus Christ, I send Satan packing.

Still two lists remain in my care. I so desire to be able to surrender these lists to God’s competent hands. I want to believe beyond a shadow of doubt that God cares about all of the things that concern me. I want to know and trust all of God’s promises for me. I want to learn to let go and let God work according to his perfect will, not my will. I want to trade stress for peace. I begin to reflect and remember what God’s Word says. I remember that God has promised to be more than enough in every situation. I remind myself that God is Sovereign. I remember that God has a plan for my life. I remember that God loves those I love more than I do. I remember that Jesus said that in this life I should expect trouble. I am certain that on any given day I can experience both good and bad circumstances. I remember that death is natural and inevitable and that none of us will escape death unless Jesus comes back for his church before we die. I remember that God uses the hardships and brokenness in our life as a tool to change us for the better. I remember that God is love and that he can be trusted. I remember that Satan is the enemy not God! I leave the garden with determination to call upon the Holy Spirit for his help in purging my mind of the “what ifs” and to ask him to empower me so that I can willingly open my hands in humble surrender and release all of my lists to God.


1. Have you learned to give God the insignificant things in your life?

2. What are you holding on to?

3. Do you have a major prayer request that you consider impossible?

4. Would you consider giving that request to God today?

5. Can you look back in your life and see God’s faithfulness to you?

6. Do you believe that God is able to give you the courage to trust him with more of your concerns?


Dear Heavenly Father,

How I long to be able to entrust you with every single thing in my life. I know that often this is a struggle between my fear, the devils “what ifs” and my own personal need for control. Search my heart today God and show me what I need to surrender to your capable hands. You, Father, are the one who has created the world. You are the one who knows my innermost parts. You are the one holds the world together. How can I help but trust you? Father, help my unbelief. Heal me from the sins of control, doubt and fear. Help me to trust you with what I believe to be “insignificant” and “impossible”. Teach me to release all things to your care and then give daily thanks that your perfect answers are on the way. Father, even when I don’t understand your will, your timing, or the outcome you choose, I pray you will help me to be strong and at peace as I choose to trust you completely. I know that sometimes I want what I consider to be “good” but you God, want what is “better and best” for my life. Father, you see the road ahead, I do not. Lord I don’t want to forget that if I call on you, you will answer and you will show me great and mighty things, which I do not know. All of your answers are perfect in every way.

In your Son’s name I pray. Amen.