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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the Air

“A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”
Proverbs 25:11 NIV

Valentine’s Day can conjure up all kinds of emotions. Sad feelings of a lost love, a love that is yet to be experienced, or a current love that brings with it immense happiness. Even as a child I remember decorating Valentine boxes at school. The most popular children received Valentines from everyone in the class, other children got a fair amount, and still others got precious few. Unlike God, we are very selective in who we choose to love. As a result we base our self worth on how many valentines we get, how we look, what we do compared to what others do, or how much we have.

As Valentine’s Day draws near we are inundated with perfume and jewelry ads on television. But today I am reminded that God’s Word says it very simply. The very best Valentine we can give to another person is “A word appropriately spoken.” This verse further explains that this word, this compliment, this encouragement is like golden apples set in beautiful silver!

This morning I am imagining that today when I go out to my mail box and open it out will spill hundreds of red, pink and white valentines in all shapes and sizes. They will be flying everywhere. Some I will be able to retrieve and others will fly away unread. The Bible, God’s Word to you and I is that mailbox. When we open up the Bible there are hundreds of wonderful valentines that will fly out as you read and study. These are your personal Valentines straight from the heart of God. They will remind you of God’s love for you. They will encourage you because they will be a word aptly spoken. These Valentines will give you self worth because they will remind you of who you are in Christ Jesus!

Over the years God has given me many wonderful Valentines from his Word. These valentines are the scriptures that have taken root deep in my heart and will remain there forever! Many of those verses were given to me in times of darkness and despair. Others were given just too simply delight my spirit. Still others remind me of something that God has promised me. God has also given me valentine scriptures of hope and assurance for myself and for those I love. Today I am thinking that it is no coincidence that I have underlined in my Bible each of these “God Valentines” and drawn a small heart next to that verse. As I read my Bible, again and again I am drawn to these special verses revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. As I re-read these scriptures time and time again, God always brings to mind exactly where I was in my life when I received his valentine of love to me, and I am reminded of why I was in need of that special valentine. Yes, these loving words are among my finest pieces of jewelry. They are indeed apples of gold in fine settings of silver. They always remind me of my self worth. They tell me of who I am in Christ Jesus, and they remind me of the faithfulness of the lover of my soul. Yes, God’s love for you and me is in the air. In fact it is the very air we breathe!


When was the last time you spoke a word to another person that was appropriate for them as a source of encouragement in their time of need?

Can you remember a time when someone spoke a word to you that you still cherish in your heart?

Has God given you Valentines from his Word that he sent specifically for you?

What are those verses and how do those verses still make you feel?

If you have not had a Valentine from the Word of God, begin reading his Word regularly and pray that God’s Holy Spirit will help you find those verses meant just for you. Be patient as you read. Do not seek the verse, rather seek the giver of the verse and you will be amazingly surprised when the Valentine comes. It will be a Valentine that you will cherish forever and ever.


Dear God,

I thank you for the Bible, your Holy Word to humanity. I admit that there have been times that I did not understand your Word because I did not know you. I confess that there have been times that I have not made reading your Word a priority. I am thankful that somehow in your divine plan for my life you continue to draw me back again by giving me a desire to read and understand your Word. I thank you for the opportunity to understand your Word through listening to ministers and Bible teachers. You have said if we seek you we will find you. Help me God to seek to know you through reading your precious Word. Help me to find those Valentines that you have for me to treasure and store up in my heart forever.

In Your Son’s Name I pray. Amen.