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Sunday, March 6, 2011

How Does Jesus Think?

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
As the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:8-9 NIV

There are two questions that need answering. How do I think and how does Jesus think? The WWJD wrist bands that many were sporting a few years ago were on the right track yet I feel they were lacking in real life examples. Of course I know that you can’t put all that on a wrist band!

Today I am going to share some examples of how my thoughts contrast with how Jesus thinks. This comparison is a very revealing exercise. I think that right now would be a very good place to say that changing the way I think to the way Jesus thinks is a life long learning experience and a process. Some of my thoughts are Christ like and others not so much! Falling deeply in love with Jesus and desiring his thoughts to be mine requires spending much time in the garden of my heart.

Some of us have good thoughts that come to us naturally because we have a caring personality that wants to please, serve and care for others. Other people are more aggressive in setting goals and making things happen for themselves. Some people are more laid back and others more out going. As for me, I am the type of person that most of the time everyone around me knows exactly what I think and where I stand. Many times my mouth gets ahead of my mind. That is never a pretty sight! As a result, God is in the process of changing a lot of my thoughts. I would also like to point out to those of you who do know how to keep your mouth shut, that doesn’t necessarily mean you always have right thinking. Some of you quiet people have some really mean, nasty, selfish, thoughts and may be standing up screaming on the inside! The only difference is I look foolish and you don’t and there is something to be said for that! Regardless of who we are, it does my heart good to know that God is not finished with any of us. He has a wonderful plan for or lives and that includes changing our thoughts to his thoughts and our ways to his ways.

Some of the many thoughts that pop into our heads may be thoughts of jealousy and envy, but Jesus teaches us to be happy for the success of others. We often have angry thoughts toward God, when in fact we need to accept his will. We can also have bitter thoughts towards others who have offended and hurt us, but Jesus wants us to show compassion and mercy which can then evolve into forgiveness and love. We may also take pride in our position in life, our looks, our abilities, or our “perfect” children, and our perfect parenting skills. It is even possible to be prideful regarding our own spirituality! But Jesus teaches that we are not to be proud and self-centered. Jesus teaches us to be repentant and humble. The world teaches that we need to “look out for number one,” Jesus teaches us that he will provide for us even when we can’t provide for ourselves. The world compromises and we are to think in terms of faithfulness.

I will admit that this reversal way of thinking is hard to accept and implement. However, I assure you that it has been my experience, that when I do allow God to change the way I think regarding any situation, I am a happier, more positive, contented person as I allow God’s peaceful behavior to settle in my heart. The more deliberately we practice this habit of changing our thoughts the more natural it will become. When we choose to adapt our thoughts to Christ’s thoughts we will become a person of influence for Jesus and his kingdom. The deeper we fall in love with Jesus the easier surrendering our thoughts to his thoughts will become.


What do you think is the number one thought in your mind that God would like you to change to his way of thinking?

Can you pinpoint why changing the way you currently think and respond would be upsetting to you?

If you were to accept God’s way of thinking regarding that matter, how would you be benefited? How would others benefit?


Dear Lord,

I confess to you that many of my thoughts are not your thoughts and many of my ways are not your ways. Please show me today what one thought you would like to change in my mind and heart. I invite your Holy Spirit to come to my aid and give me your divine discernment, strength and courage to be able to trust that your ways are higher than my ways and that your thoughts are higher than mine. I love you Lord, and do want to learn to think more and more like you every day.

In Your Name I pray. Amen.