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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wrapping It Up!

“For the wages of sin is death,

but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23 NIV

Today my mind is racing in a million different directions. This morning I am finding it difficult to stay focused and to move forward with a peaceful heart. While drinking my morning coffee I began to review everything that is on my “to do” list for this power day! If you are a list maker you will understand, if not I’m afraid I can’t help you. The fact is I make lists of my lists. Isn’t that sad?

I’m now going to brace up and prepare for the surge of power and control that comes over me when I realize the projects that I have already accomplished. And oh the joy that comes from checking each item off my list! Now with pen in hand I begin the energizing ritual. Tree up – check. House decorated – check. Shopping finished – check. Cards mailed – check. Cookies baked – check.

Yes! I feel an uncontrollable smile forming on my face as I realize that today is the day for my favorite Christmas project, wrapping gifts. I always save the best for last. I love wrapping gifts because that is how I savor something of my holiday preparations just for my own enjoyment. Wrapping gifts signifies to me that I am just about to wrap it all up! In a few minutes I will gather my gift wrapping supplies, turn on the tree lights, and crank up the Christmas music. It is in this atmosphere that I am in my element.

I love wrapping each and every gift that has been selected in love. I love to give a gift that says I know what you need and I want to give it to you. I love giving a gift that expresses to the one that will open it the fact that I know them and I know what they like. As I wrap each gift I also pray for the one who will receive the gift.

Gift wrapping is the project that allows my creative juices to flow. I nestle each gift inside colorful tissue paper, and then wrap each box in an appropriately selected paper. Creating the perfect bow is the icing on the cake. Last but not least I choose a gift tag for the package. I love recycling the beautiful Christmas cards received the previous year for this purpose. I trim each card with decorative scissors and then place the appropriate card on each of my packages. I will choose a little shepherd boy for my grandson, Joshua. I will find a sweet angel for my granddaughter, Abigail. I will select a polar bear with a red bow around its neck for my hubby, who loves polar bears. And I will search for a drummer boy for my son, David, who is a musician. As I dig down into the pile of Christmas cards I find a perfect card for my daughter, Amy. It is a picture of a cozy room decorated for Christmas. This scene reminds me of my daughter because she knows how to make her home so beautiful for the Christmas holiday. Then perhaps I can find a card with lots of Christmas goodies for my son-in-law, Todd, who never wants to miss out on sweets! I also use religious cards that tell of the birth of the Christ Child for additional packages. Each of these gift cards serve as a reminder of God’s perfect gift to all of us.

When the last gift is wrapped I lovingly place all of them under the tree. The tree was beautiful before but now it is exquisite! What is it about all of the beautiful gifts that make the tree so lovely? This will be the night that I will make hot chocolate, turn down the room lights and bask in the twinkling lights of our tree with my hubby.

Wrapping gifts always reminds me of God’s gift to all humanity. He carefully selected the perfect gift. God knew we needed a Savior and he was delighted to give him to us. God sent his son, gift wrapped him in simple swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger. God hoped humanity would love his son as much as he did.

I am reminded that I place my gifts UNDER the tree but God placed his gift ON the tree. Jesus Christ became the sin sacrifice for your sin and for my sin. This was God’s way of wrapping it up!

If you have never realized that Jesus Christ died on the cross to remove sin from your heart I hope you will consider that fact today.
As you consider that fact I pray that you will choose to believe that it is true. Jesus is God’s free gift to you. Remember a gift never really belongs to you until you reach out and take it. So this Christmas season, reach out in simple faith and receive the gift that God’s has for you. Open your mind to the reality that God loves you and wants you back with him where you belong. Receive God’s precious gift of salvation and eternal life today.


What is your favorite Christmas project?

Can you think of a way to bring Jesus into that project?

Have you ever asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life?

When did Jesus become real to you?

When did the reality of his personal sacrifice and free gift of salvation take root in your heart?

How has accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior made a difference in your life?


Dear God,

At times it seems I can’t comprehend all of the events that led up to the birth of your Son. I lack understanding so therefore I need faith. Some people do not want to be a fool for believing in Jesus Christ, but I don’t want to be a fool for not believing. Today I want to set aside my intellect and simply open my heart. God if you are real reveal that truth to me right now. I am told your Holy Bible says if anyone will seek you they will find you. So today God, here I am seeking you. I reach out in simple faith and take the gift of your salvation for my life. I realize I have been born into the sin of humanity and the only way I can be cleansed and set free of sin is to accept Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death for me. I am beginning to understand this is the only way I can be free of my sinful condition. Today I am going to choose to believe in your Son for the forgiveness of my sin. I thank you God for my very special Christmas gift of salvation.

In Your Son’s name I pray. Amen.

If you have recently trusted in Jesus Christ and his forgiveness for your life I would love to hear from you. I would love to pray for you and encourage you in your new life. If you would like to share this decision with me you may send me a confidential e-mail at: