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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wearing "Son-Glasses"

“O LORD, you have searched me and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.
See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”
Psalm 139:1-3, 24 NIV

Today in the garden I am energized and ready to get started on some major gardening projects! I have grabbed my floppy pink garden hat, put on my  matching pink rubber garden shoes, adjusted my sunglasses, and slipped on my garden gloves. Sometimes when I get all of my garden paraphernalia on I look so comical I amuse myself!

This morning my projects are many. I will pull weeds; dead-head spent blooms; relocate some Black-eyed Susans, water the wilted, and plant some additional annuals for color! I am a woman with a plan!!! With my shovel in hand I am just about to reach my destination and do some serious digging when the Master Gardener slips up behind me and stops me dead in my tracks and says, “Did you forget something?” I am on a mission so I don’t even give him a glance but rather shout over my shoulder, “I don’t think so!” The Master Gardener now taps me on the shoulder and says, “Oh, but you did.” Now I am a bit agitated because progress is my goal and the perennial garden is my destination. This time I don’t voice the words but I think to myself, “Why does he always do this?” Duh! I forgot. He knows my thoughts, so now I am totally embarrassed as he says, “Because I love you!” Now I MUST stop. I turn to my Lord and give him my full attention. He simply hands me his “Son-Glasses” and with open hands waits to confiscate my “sunglasses”. Now I’m really upset, because number one, my sunglasses are so cute! I really don’t want to trade them in for his ugly, drab glasses! Number two, I am fully aware that this transaction means major change is on the docket. I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that even though my plans are good and important, somehow God either thinks the job I am currently involved in is not for me or that  once again, I have aspirations that exceed my ability or energy to accomplish. I also know that most of the time God wants to send me on a new journey that benefits the gardens of others. I so desperately want to work in my own garden! I do however; remember that amazingly, I always end up being the one that gains the most from God's new assignment.

When God stops me dead in my tracks I know I am in for more of that life changing, character building, and spiritual growth stuff! I also know that this is not going to end well unless I obey the Master Gardner. I choose to bow in humility before my Lord and ask, “What is it Lord that you would have me do? I will slow down and toss my plans aside for today so that I can do the work you have for me to do.” I now put on my new “Son-Glasses” and look about the garden.

During this "time out" experience, I am reminded that the Psalmist David also asked God to direct his paths. I am learning that when God directs my path I sometimes have to set aside “My To Do List” and write “God’s To Do List”. As I experience different seasons in my life my work often changes. I usually want to continue in the comfortable sameness of my current Christian work but God often wants to stretch me by giving me a new assignment. Other times God has pointed out that I needed to change the way I was currently doing his work. After all, I must remember that what I do  is for his glory not mine.

Over the years, David had many assignments. He was a shepherd, a musician, a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a friend, a warrior, and a king. Each of his positions in life stretched him and prepared him for the next phase of his life. I am finding that most of the time my past life assignments have  prepared me for what I am currently doing and that what I am now engaged in now is  preparing me for a  future work   assignment.

The challenge I face is learning to develop a keen spiritual awareness of God. I must tune in to the Holy Spirit and listen to his voice as he speaks the words of my Father. Looking at my life and my service through “Son-Glasses” is extremely revealing. I must learn to tune my ears to the whispers and be alert to the nudges from the Holy Spirit. I must pay attention to new desires and interests that may be God inspired. I must respond when I feel a continuous tug on my heart strings as the Holy Spirit pulls me in a new direction. I must open my eyes to see the needs of others that I may not have seen before.

I am finding that spiritual renewal and refreshment is often a place to start. I must set aside a block of time to focus on God’s will and plan for my life. I must get alone to receive fresh direction and then adjust my priorities. During this time God often confirms that the things I am already doing are right and tells me I must continue the work he has already given me. However, I always want to be sensitive and open to any new assignments that God may have for  my life. I must make sure that I am not running ahead of God and doing it my way instead of his way.

Satan would love to keep me busy doing so much good, attending  meetings, and running from one church project to another, that I never hit the mark of spending time alone with God. Satan can also keep me so busy with selfish and insignificant activities. Therefore, my mind becomes clouded regarding God’s purpose for my life. Stress that comes from overload is also one of Satan’s clever detours. The enemy is also famous for giving guilt trips. Sometimes I feel guilty if I don’t sign on for every need placed before me. Satan loves overload! Once again, I can find myself serving to the hilt but totally missing out on a loving relationship with Jesus. Abundant life is found by abiding and obeying Jesus. It is the spiritual discipline of solitude that clearly allows us to see God’s plan for our life. The discipline of simplicity gives us the rest and energy to do God’s work and do it well.

God’s assignments usually are not easy nor do they come at convenient times. They take time, effort, and discipline and at the end of the day we are exhausted. That is why knowing God’s assignments for our life and doing his work must not be crowded with oodles of other good things that hinder our focus. For me it is important to allow God to search my heart and see what I need to eliminate, what I need to add, and what work must remain.

So today, here in the garden I am trying to tune in to God’s assignments for my life. I am learning that sometimes God’s assignments call for immediate action. When a thought comes to mind it often requires me to act in the moment with an immediate prayer, speak a word of encouragement, give my testimony, or choose to respond  to another as Jesus would do. Other times God’s assignment requires me to act later. My assignment may be to send a note, make a phone call, send an e-mail, write a check, go help a friend in need, or make and deliver a casserole. God’s assignment may also be a hard but temporary undertaking of service. Helping someone you love, helping someone you don’t love so much, raising children, or being a caregiver to an aging parent for a season.

As you know, God’s assignment for me today is taking me away from MY perennial garden where I was originally headed. It seems the Master Gardner feels I am in need of a "time out" in the garden of my heart. He insists that I stop, step back, sit down, and be personally restored.  Experience has taught me that it is during times of refreshment God has made his will known to me. Without a doubt, serving God is a blessing and a privilege. I know that each day I need to take time to focus on what God would have me do that day. I need God’s wisdom and strength in order to serve him and others well and do so in a timely loving manner.


1. Have you ever taken time to put on his “Son-Glasses”?

2. In what capacity are you currently serving God?

3. What are the things that God would have you turn loose?

4. What new assignment is God asking you to try?

5. Is God calling you to a "time out" for rest, restoration, and refreshment?


Dear Father in Heaven,

I confess that today I have more to do than I can possibly accomplish. I confess that I am so busy I don’t even have time to change my “sunglasses” to your “Son-Glasses”. Forgive me for not bringing my service before you on a regular basis for your evaluation. Father, I don’t want to run ahead of you. I desire that what I do for you would be done well. I desire that my service would be pure and selfless work that you can use for your glory. Search me Lord and know my confused heart. I need to see things as you see them. Show me your vision for my life and my service as I look through your holy “Son-glasses”. I pray that all I do will bring glory to you. I thank you Father that you have also gifted all of your children with abilities to personally enjoy. Even David enjoyed time alone in your world singing and playing the harp, he loved on his sheep, he enjoyed friendships, family, good food and laughter. God you have provided for your children avenues for rest and relaxation.  Help me to use my time wisely as I make time to enjoy the garden of my heart. Thank you Lord for your refreshment and rest  so that I might also enjoy life outside of the garden as well.

In Your Son’s name I pray. Amen.